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The Story of Cedella Marley - Booker's Family and its Origins in the Village of Nine Mile is an Amazing Display of Perseverance

CEDELLA MARLEY - BOOKER'S Cedella Marley-Booker 

Cedella Marley-Booker’s Smilin’ Island Caribbean Style Sauces & Seasonings is a project that has been in the works for more than a decade. It was Mother B’s dream to share her recipes with the world ; it’s a special way to remember her.   Art lives in music and food; “Mother Booker” was a maestro in the kitchen. She cooked for the laborers when she was a little girl and cooked for those she loved her entire life. In the late 70’s Cedella Marley-Booker would take to heart the command of Jah and become Rasta. At this time she changed the eating habits of her family and began to serve wholesome vegetarian dishes.

This commitment to all natural food is in her Smilin’ Island Caribbean Style Sauces & Seasonings. Mother B was a proud woman, she loved her family, and she loved to make others happy.

    About Nine Mile, Jamaica

    9 mile jamaica

    This story starts in Jamaica's St. Ann Parish in the village of Nine Mile, about two hours northwest of Kingston . The views from any hilltop showcase the beautiful green landscape surrounding the village during the day.  It gets so dark at night that the stars explode in the sky and the elevation makes you feel like you can reach out and touch them.  This small village where people live on the hillside in the rural part of Jamaica is hollowed ground.  It is the birthplace of Cedella Marley-Booker and her son, Bob Marley.  People live simple lives here, they work their farms and eat what they grow.