Our Story


Cedella Marley Booker, affectionately known as “Mother B,” was a very selfless woman who loved her family so much and was generous to a fault. She loved to make others around her happy. “Mother Booker” had great culinary skills and cooked for her loved ones all her life. You would have literally licked your plates and hands if you were being served her recipes. Yes! She was that exceptional.

In her later years, she decided to become a Rastafarian. This new way of life made her more committed to wholesome natural foods and vegetarian dishes. However, this posed a challenge to her family because they were already accustomed to her Jamaican style of cooking, curry chicken, beef stew, among her other tasty dishes. She then realized that she had to make her vegetarian dishes tasty and delicious so that her family would enjoy them. Her iconic pepper sauces have led to the development of other sauces and seasonings that we serve at Smilin Island today.


We have a commitment to always improve on our products by using the best and freshest ingredients available to our consumers. As we research and learn the benefits of eating wholesome and healthy, Smilin Island Foods has a commitment to using whole ingredients which are safe and recognizable to the public.

Smilin’ Island Foods is a minority owned business and we believe in equal opportunity. Our Company cares about all aspects of an individual’s overall wellbeing. We believe in unity within the human race. Smilin Island Foods has an obligation to treat all human beings equally, without discrimination no matter the race, ethnicity, age, sex, religion, disability, talent or gifts. We have a responsibility to respect every person we interact with and to remedy any instance where a member of our organization is involved in a situation that does not align with our social views.